Rant! Mark II

So I have a couple of rants to get out of my system. Like maybe big ones so whoever reads this you might want to be prepared for some major rantage to go on. Yes I know the word Rantage is not really a word at all, but this is me carrying. So something I really need to burn off and maybe I will feel better on the inside. Keeping some of this stuff inside of me is like a poison so lets spew the poison out and hope it give me room to heal. I am going to start off with the lesser of the two rants.


First. What the hell is going on with people these days? Of course that’s a weird way to start a rant, or a general way to start one but I digress. So people namely a friend of a friend who I have been friendly with so really a friend of mine as well, or so I thought is like uber bipolar. I swear. One minute she is like “OMG I need your help with something.” Then next minute she fucking takes me off facebook, and stops talking to me. Because she feels that I am to confused. Fucking get over yourself. I know who I am. It is you who is confused about your gender identity. It is you who  can’t control your other Personalities. You know DID is bad for you if you don’t actually address it and let some of them be evil. Note: there are several people in my life who have DID this is not about you guys at all. Just this one dumb butt head. I also don’t care if this person ever reads this. Because you have had your chances with me. Three is enough for me. You’re out.


And though I have said that I really need to continue on that vein for a minute. She is friend with my Partner who lives in California. Who is also my Submissive, who is also moving her happy ass out here soon. She is awesome, and she has enough bullshit in her life already. So hey you dumb bitch, stop dragging her down because you can’t handle your own shit. Cause I swear if you hear her again, I will find a way to get out there kick your sorry ass. I don’t care that I am bigger then you, and transition. I am a woman; you’re a woman and ill school you on what it means to hurt someone I love. And you partner in crime, see though I don’t always state it you are on my mind and I worry about you!


Okay onto second rant!


Why are people so blind? I mean really! Look here the issue. Some people get into the wrong relationship. The guy or girl doesn’t treat you right, and you stick around longer then you should. We all of done this. However! If you are in said relationship and not doing anything to improve it, and the other person isn’t changing their wicked ways as it were. Why in god’s name are you still with them. I know abuse is something that everyone thinks is black and white. But I’ll tell you this. There is spiritual abuse too. The type that takes away everything we dream about, we fantasize about, we long for. It can be as bad if not worse than physical or emotional abuse. Because it takes away someone’s spirit. If the words “I don’t have dreams anymore.” Have come out of your mouth. Then you are in the wrong relationship! If you say “Sex is a habit for me now and I derive no enjoyment out of it!” then my god do something to change that. If the person can’t give you privacy and is constantly riding you because you happen to flirt with someone. Well guess what, they are insecure. That insecurity one day will turn into something that will hurt you more then there words. Grow up, learn and move on. I know it’s a scary thing, I know its hard. I know Stockholm syndrome is something that most of don’t believe in, but damn break the routine and find a better life. God damn!


Well I guess that wasn’t so bad of a rant. Got them out of my system. Love you all and glad to be able to vent.