Just a bit of Katchup…

It is time again for the words of a sadly inadequate poet. Not that what I am about to write is poetry at all. Its actually just a easy update on all that has been going on. This week has been sadly…. Uneventful. NOT!!! After recovering on Tuesday, I spent a great deal of time talking to my loves. I have been role playing a wickedly awesome game with My sweet Tiger. And I have been working on growth my little kitten. They are growing and learning. And though the arguments are still happening, since one of my earlier post they have become less. I went to EsoErotica at Always Lounge and enjoyed some great poetry. Then had a good night with my Kitten and then road a bike home.


I tell you this now, if you haven’t ridden a bike in years. Don’t think that you can do a five mile ride just like that. You can’t lol. My legs are killing me. I have been sleeping a lot more lately, which I think might be due to not enough sleep or more activity, but it also might be due to being depressed. I don’t remember if I mentioned it or not but I got my nails done and my eye brows waxed. Just one more step on becoming a women. My mom is ordering my first pair of heels and they should be here soon. They are going to so rock socks. Yes You heard me right my mother. I know that I don’t always get along with her, but I do know that even then, she still accepts me for who I am. Even if she don’t like it.


I talked to her for a few minutes today. We talked about some of the stuff I am already going to do when I feel it is the right time about the issues that have been facing me with my sister. I am upset about a lot of it, but I am taking my time addressing it to give myself time to have perspective and also gain the necessary energy to possibly have an argument. Not that it will solve anything. But I don’t give up with out a fight. I need to just keep working at my life and it will continue to get better.


My smoking habit has gotten worse, mostly due to stress and feeling slightly depressed. And I have had a nagging cough since this weekend. Though I think I might have caught a cold, it hasn’t taken me down yet. It just making me cough a lot. On further news, since Tuesday this week I have read 5 books. Actually read not listen to an audio book. So either I have way to much time. Which is the case some times, or…. I am just getting faster at reading. I have also noticed my typing skill has become a bit faster. Now if only my spelling and grammar would catch up.


I have been listening to Pandora a lot. And have a new fancy with Greek mythology again. I am also starting to think about writing a story again. Not sure what though. I feel that my creativity wanes and flows like the moon on her ever rotating phases. But we will see what comes about when I start this time. I know it takes focus and dedication to write something that isn’t a short story. But who knows. Alright that is enough words for now. Talk to you all later.