Lonely, I cry (Revisited)

Crimson rivers that never run dry,
Falling away from these lonely and tear stricken eyes.
Wishing with fleeting feet to be struck from your sight.
Do not know what to do with out you.
Do not know where to go.
Holding on to strong, my grip does slip.
Do not know how long I can go on,
My only goal is to live this life with out a lie, and to survive, survive, survive.

Like the ancient beast of fiery wings, to rise anew.
Wishing that everyday I was there with you.
My love in my heart holds true, it longs and cries out for you.

Wishing for the final breath,
Taken with these white and numb limbs of mine.
Only so long that I can hide inside of those lonely broken heart.
This loneliness that sunders me raw, taken my breath away and driving me insane.
With out you there is no breath.
With out YOU there is no life left.
In this loneliness I cry, waiting for you to once again come back to my side.

Own the pain

Stand your ground when the land is about to break.
Show that your courage is stronger the strongest force that presents itself before you.
The fury you feel,
The pain inside,
Let it ride.
Master it and don’t let your own self lie, and make you doubt.

In the time and in the breath,
in the life and in the death,
in the ecstasy and in the bleeding tears.
Don’t let all of those fears ride you through to you burning requiem.
Ride them, take them and make them yours!

Life is all about what you make,
what you see,
make this your own GOD DAMN REALITY!

Hunter of the floor

All those who watch,
stand up right when you approach,
your tightly woven bells given away you approach.

Your deadly words to chasten the lambs that you would kull.
With each time you follow your well warn tred,
you are stalked by those whom which you would slay.

They keep their eyes wary and there heart do pound.
But with out you around what would we do?

Nothing but stand, and wait tell the day does toll.

By wickedvioletstorm Posted in Poetry