Entry 4 – Taking it down TOWN!

Self confidence in a deficit, worse the economy of America and Britain. It’s been lost somewhere! I think maybe it ran away with Drive, Self Image and Self Worth. There like on a New Orleans party bus that has disappeared into the black whole of the Bermuda triangle. In its place some vagrant mother fuckers have moved in, Self doubt, Depression, Self pity, and Negativity. It’s like there is this need to be self loathing out there. To many give up before they even start. They fail at something small, and so trying something large is impossible. Trying becomes too hard, and laziness sets in. I can’t really say that anyone else is better than someone else in this regard cause that would make me a hypocrite. Because I do the same thing sometimes. But by gosh, I am trying to do anything and everything I can to find those wonder lust good vibes again.


Find the courage in yourself. That’s what I say to myself every day. Live the life you want, not the life that has been given to you. Cause even if there is a God, even if there is re-incarnation. You only get to live this life once. What is there to lose? You can be happy, you can be successful, you can have everything you want.  All you have to do is not give up on yourself. Dream big, live large, fuck hard, don’t let anyone tell you how to do any of the above.  Find that faith you should have in yourself first and foremost.


The world Champion doesn’t think “I am not going to do this today.” She thinks “I am going to shave half a second of this run today.” Or “I am going to paint something so wonderful and complex on this canvas of humanity, that people will be dumb struck, awed and orgasming from it. “ She doesn’t think “I missing a color oh fucking no!”


So take control, you got what it takes. You ARE BEAUTIFUL! You ARE WONDERFUL! You ARE INTELLEGENT! Now prove me right! Note to everyone reading this: Though it directed at some things that are upsetting me right now, this is more for me then anyone else. But if you feel this is directed at you, maybe you should do something about it haha.

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