Entry 3 – Communication



There is moments in my life where I feel I have reached a new panicle of thought and reason.  Where something I have done, some action that I have taken has led me to a new place. A place where thing work differently than they did yesterday. Yesterday, Today and hopefully tomorrow and the ever present future I hope are those days. I have found a certain level of peace in the fact that I can now communicate on a level that I never did before. I feel that I have broken down one of my barriers as a male of holding things in. I am speaking calmly, openly and honestly with those I care about. I am not letting my anger get in the way. I am teaching myself not to be abrasive and agitated, and yet still feel upset and emotional when it is needed.


I spent most of yesterday communicating with my Kitten and my Tiger. Many heartfelt, sometimes painful thing were said.  However, now that t hey are said a weight has been lifted off of me, and them as well, I believe. I feel that for us to move forward we only have to communicate. Truthful, without fear.


There is also the ability to communicate with oneself. I feel that all of us, are finding better, more health ways to speak to our inner self’s. We are learning that the images we are painting of ourselves sometimes need to be cleaned up, refocused or reconstructed. Yet, we are also learning that we are able to keep the parts that feel most like home. This journey is a journey that will take a life time. A life time of trying. I am glad to be on it.




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