Post 2 – Vulnerable I be.

There is a deep and dark place in me. I know some other can relate, but this will be about me. This deep dark place is where I am vulnerable. Where I am delicate. Where I am fragile. This place is hard to express, for its sheer breakability allows one to very easily make me fall to pieces. These pieces then  have to be re-collected, glued, and re-painted before they are back to being whole. I have grown good at putting these piece back to their whole state. However, I feel that I should not have to break every time something gets to my vulnerable place.


There is a part of me that I feel that is beginning to shine. A part of me that feels that it is alright to be Vulnerable. In that vulnerability I can find real strength. A strength to take a hit that bruises me, to take a hit that normal would crush me. Now though fragile, delicate and vulnerable I be, I shall not let damages done to me, be the end of me. I shall learn from this, I shall find strength in my tears. I shall find strength in my pain. I shall find strength in my faith that everything is going to get better.


I have learned that its okay to be strong and vulnerable at the same time. That this is not a weakness, but my greatest asset. That I can be real, to me, to you, and to everyone else. That I can put these words up without fear. I know some will not agree. Let them. There words are just as important as mine. We don’t have to agree. I am not afraid of Trolls, Goblins, Orcs or Dragons. I am not afraid to be real, honest, and open.


I shall share my hopeless and yet beautiful romantic notion of what it means to be submissive, to be dominant, to be a princess, a *Dolly*, A daughter, a Mother and above all else me. Whether that me is a Women trapped in a man’s body. A queer who loves everything and is willing to learn. Whether that is someone who is afraid and not afraid to admit to it. I have flaws, each of them makes me who I am just as much as my boons make me who I am. I shall find a way to walk through these flaws, to make them part of me so they don’t offend and don’t harm.


I am not what others make of me, but I am myself, a whole and I love me. Vulnerable and strong.

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