Post 1 – A journey started a new

I started a journey on my other profile, one where I said I was going to write 365 entries. Entries about me, words that flow from me and to reach a goal. I am going to be honest that I faltered here. That I have stopped writing, that I should be writing more. I do write for leisure still, but not enough about my thoughts. I feel that for me to work through a lot of my problems that I do need to write. Because it hard for me express things verbally some times. Sometimes I need to see the words on the page in front of me for them to really reach me. So here is me, saying I am reasserting my writing journey. This will be my first post. Number *1*. Yes I am starting from scratch. Each post will attest to my step forward. If I falter for too long, I shall start anew. Until I find the strength to reach my goal. Each time I fail though, I succeed. For the Journey was made, and attempted. The summit might not have been met, but I will have taken a step in that direction.

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